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Microwave Heating Systems

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Microwave Heating Systems and our product is made up of good quality.

Microwave Heating Systems offered are form of electromagnetic energy where polar molecules as well as free ions in receptive materials respond to these fields through creation of molecular friction that results in heat throughout mass of material.

Here, the microwave sterilization/pasteurization technology used has helped many food companies to develop new food products which have not been possible till now because of limitation of severe heat in conventional retorting.

Some of the advantages of microwave heating over conventional heating methods include high speed operations and space saving operations that reduces scrap and saves on labor.

Here, with microwave energy penetrating to generate heat internally and at surface of treated material, it overcomes time and temperature limitations and produces high quality product even when materials that are being processed are fairly thick. Some of the benefits provided using this technology includes:

Specifications :

Sterilization and Disinfestations System

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Sterilization and Disinfestations System and our product is made up of good quality.

Sterilization is defined as the process where all the living microorganisms and other biological agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, unicellular eukaryotic organisms such as Plasmodium, etc are killed. Disinfection is the process of elimination of most pathogenic microorganisms (excluding bacterial spores) on inanimate objects.

Microwave based solution is one of Environmental sustainability, Efficient and safest physical method, the key principal works behind is the exploitation of heat effects of electromagnetic energy for eradicating all microorganisms by attaining their Lethal Temperatures. This all achieved from the property of microwave that heat effects deriving from the interaction between electromagnetic energy and polar molecules, it is possible to achieve lethality of pests by overheating immediately when temperature achieves their Lethal Temperature.

Microwave System is one of the most popular physical method that can be used to disinfest all products of vegetable origin infested by pests such as Cereals (rice included), Seeds like pine-nuts, Legumes(beans, chickpeas, lentils), and Dry fruits(dates, currants). Major causes of loss of the agro food are Post Harvest phase and in Storage, Biological Infestations which begin on field (significantly depreciate a lot of products in a very short time). The decreasing cultivatable land and increasing demand of food due to ever increasing population has resulted that food safety should be taken at most priority.

Conventional Disinfestations Methods such as Conditioning of Silos and Warehouses, Fumigation, Controlled Atmosphere and Extreme Temperatures having some limitation such as High costs and long treatment times, Handling of dangerous chemicals, Persistence in food of toxic residues and Pollution.

Microwave based system are very advantageous over these systems due to its speed (shorter response time), Ease of handling (No chemical processing involved), also it does not produce polluting gases or toxic residuals.

We at KERONE are now in strategic collaboration with Emitech, Italy for technical know-how in the field of sterilization and disinfestations using microwave technology.

Advantages - Microwave Pest Control Method :

Sterilizing Systems

We offer continuous media sterilization units suitable for a wide range of fermentor media, ranging from molasses for yeast & ethanol fermentation.We offer Sterilizer Machine to assure our clients with unsurpassed efficacy to meet all of the sterilization needs in an operation theatre.

Specifications :

Microwave Rubber Vulcanizing Line

Vulcanization is the way of transforming natural rubber and comparable versatile polymers into durable products by cross-connecting the polymer molecules, for example building extra extensions/bridges between them through the expansion of sulfur or other identical "curatives." Uncured natural rubber is sticky, twists effectively when warm, and is easily breakable when cold and thus is exceptionally poor in elasticity. Vulcanized materials are less sticky and have exceptional mechanical properties. The procedure is named after Vulcan, the Roman God of Fire. A huge range of items are made with vulcanized rubber including tires, sealings, shoe soles, hoses and so on. This process of rubber vulcanization can be done by the accompanying 2 heating systems:

Infrared Heating System in Rubber Curing:
Infrared Rubber curing frameworks is exceedingly proficient for the pre-vulcanization of profiles and hoses. Arranged between the rubber extruder and the consistent vulcanization line, the powerful infrared radiation pre-fixes the outside of the rubber items. This is identified with a superior dimensional dependability and an amazing surface quality. Regularly these frameworks are around one meter long and have a warming limit of around 30 kW. In any case, elastic is a poor conductor for warm vitality and henceforth there was an appeal of microwave heating systems.

Microwave Heating system in Rubber Curing:
Rubber vulcanization has been a tremendously mainstream utilization of Microwave Heating. While there are additionally kinds of cold vulcanization, microwave frameworks are constantly utilized for hot vulcanization. The constant vulcanization of elastic profiles is the fundamental utilization of microwave vulcanization frameworks. As the warmth move in other warming frameworks just happens through the outside of the item, the warming procedure is tedious and can prompt negative impacts like over-restoring and so forth. So as to abbreviate down the vulcanization time and to maintain a strategic distance from conceivable issues, these parts can be pre-warmed utilizing microwaves, as the radiation enters the elastic and warmth the material from center to surface all the while and subsequently microwave relieving is quick.

Application Industries:
Salient Features of the Rubber Vulcanization Lines:
KERONE Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a pioneer in application and executing designing arrangements with its tremendous experience and group of experts. Since most recent 42 years, it has been into planning, fabricating and introducing of Industrial apparatus for different preparing needs. The architects and experts at KERONE have inside out knowledge of various heating technologies and give solutions applying them in an immense no. of Industrial machines.

Microwave Rubber Preheating Systems

Kerone is an association that helps the rubber fabricates and processors with its high caliber and in fact progressed electromagnetic based heating arrangement controlled by microwave heating. Microwave heating innovation has the ability that it infiltrates inside the rubber material under process and stimulates the water particles present inside, this results in high quality processing in relatively short time. As rubber is a poor conductor of heat, this procedure is exceptionally successful. Our preheating arrangements give incredible advantage to our customers as the high assembled quality and specialized headways make our answers progressively productive and prudent.

Preheating is the procedure that is performed on rubber products before trim and vulcanization, the preheated rubber has brought down inward pressure subsequently the procedure turns out to be progressively familiar; the time required for the processing is decreased. Pre-heated rubber lessens the relieving time and enables the rubber to stream effectively and fill the mould cavity productively. Pre-warming lessens the vulcanization time by roughly 40%. Kerone's microwave based warming arrangements are intended to adhere to the customer's prerequisite. Microwave pre-warming frameworks can be intended for a ceaseless line or a batch type oven, for which Kerone furnishes the most required assistance and solution with economy of scale.

Feature of our Microwave pre-heaters:
Advantages of Microwave pre-heating systems:
KERONE Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a pioneer in application and actualizing building arrangements with its immense experience and group of experts. Since most recent 42 years, it has been into structuring, producing and introducing of Industrial apparatus for different preparing needs. The architects and experts at KERONE have top to bottom information of various heating advances and provide solutions applying them in a gigantic no. of Industrial machines.

Food Processing Line

KERONE started its journey as heating equipment's manufacturer back in 1976, since that time we have witnessed a plethora of changes in overall industrial ecosystem. To match the pace of industrial engineering requirements and answer the shift in the paradigm of industrial engineering solution needs, two decades back we set up a dedicated unit that would take care of the processing/production line requirements.

Processing food is the most critical stage of the food production cycle as it has to produce products with consistent quality, efficiency and maintain desired level of nutrition. To design the food production machines, we have assigned a highly erudite team of engineers as generic approach to food processing cannot work due to the variation of each process from another.

We at KERONE are having more than 42 year of experience in providing expertise engineering solution that helps our clients to satisfy their all time technological needs. We carefully craft various stages of process such as drying, baking, thawing, coating, blanching, pasteurisation, sterilisation, frying and etc.

As production line manufacturer we understand the emphasis that every production process demands specific attention while choosing machinery. Entire process is sub divided in small executable processes, which flows consequently in defined scientific manner. Below given are the assembly line steps in production process -

We have been providing various types of manufacturing lines and are also well known for providing production plants of various types. As processing/ production plant manufactures we classify the production lines as:

We have been long serving various industries with including the below listed:
Food Processing Technologies
We have experience in providing highly cost effective, superior and advanced processing machineries fully designed and built to fit into your process requirement. Till date we have designed plethora of process lines serving to some of the world’s renowned brands. Our team is proficient with all type of technical solutions such as:

Infrared Food Processing:
Infrared (IR) based food processing systems utilise the infrared radiation from electromagnetic spectrum that penetrates through food and results in vibration and revolution of molecules, stage when the molecules returns into the normal state, it produces heat. Infrared heating technology is suitable of various food processing techniques such as drying, baking and roasting, blanching, pasteurization and sterilization. Following are various infrared food processing techniques:

Microwave Food Processing:
Microwave (MW) technology has gained immense popularity in processing of food products in recent times, both in household as well as industrial food processing without changing any characteristic of food, also keeping the Vitamin contents intact. The microwave technology has become as one of the most promising food processing technology and achieved popularity due to the advantages it offers over conventional heating/processing technique.

Microwave heating system utilises non-ionizing microwave electromagnetic radiation that results in molecular motion of ions within the food product. Microwave heating is volumetric heating process; it generates the heat evenly throughout the entire volume of food material under processing, resulting in selective and uniform heating. Following are various microwave food processing techniques:

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